Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yuzhnoportovy District, South-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow

Moscow is slowly waking up from their long winter. Despite the coming of spring, it gives off the autumn-vibe I crave and relish.

I woke up in the Yuzhnoportovy District, packed up my camera, and headed out for a 5 or so mile walk. I found trams. I followed trams. I took back roads. Dirt roads. Found where the trams sleep. Circled a resourvoire a few times.

There was a area paved with tree circles.

Along the way, I would see men gathered around blocks of disintigrating concrete, drinking.

I chased after the steam towers. I followed the people through a fence to the railroad tracks. We all walked along them. Their daily commute.

I hoped it would loop round and kept walking. Eventually, as my insticts told me would happen, I ran back into the road that would lead to my hosts home. I'm grateful to have those instincts. I can wander and wander for hours (which I do) and always get back to where I need to be. It provides endless hours of entertainment.

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