Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey... I'm in Ukraine

Back in August, I decided, without all too much thought or interest, that I was going to Ukraine.

9 months (5 spent in active transition) and over 15,400 miles and 77 bed changes (during the past 4.5 months) in 28 cities in 5 countries and 10 train trips (over 187 hours) and 4 days on a ferry and 8 border crossings later...

I'm here.

I am in Uzhgorod, Ukraine - right where I said I would be.

I'm in a room and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be here or not. I don't know if they knew I was coming this day... they knew I was coming, just perhaps not today. I stand on a desk to stick my head out of the window.

There is a building that looks like it was meant to be a fun slide. There are sheep and a large garden.

It's strange and comforting to think that my brother and a good number of my friends were here in this building, on these stairs, maybe in these beds, back almost a decade ago. They entered those gates. Emily Lynch might have peed in that toilet.


  1. Beautiful photos! Enjoy yourself!

  2. beautiful photo it looks like from a storybook. ;)

  3. Oh my what an adventurous spirit you have and you share it so well on your blog. Thank you for visiting me on my blog and leaving a comment. You have gained a new follower :)


Your words make me grin.

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