Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hills, Being Naked, and Discusions of a Three Month Settle

The island I've been staying on.

Much has been going on --- but not much that is worthy of words, per say. Most could be explained in pictures.

But, perhaps in that statement I'll find myself needing to clarify and then we'll have the words to constitutde a blog post.

Today is my fifth day in Norway.
Tomorrow we go hiking.
I leave on Sunday.

Like all small towns, Kirkenes has snagged my heart and we've been enjoying our long walks together.

That's pretty much what I do here. I go for walks, bike rides, canoeing trips, and kayaking trips (make that kayaking trip – I only went out once, but it was wondrous!). This area is pretty much just hills so I get to spend a lot of time going up and down.

Today was especially refreshing, I found a secluded spot where I could (finally!) take off all of my clothes and be naked (isn't that prime blogging material?) for a couple hours. I'm not a fan of wearing clothes and value my time without them – out on the rocks and stubbly-trees of Norway was one of the finest of places to go “bear.” There's been this odd weather phenomena, lately, which gave us a few days of heat. I was pretty surprised it go this hot because I kept moving north thinking it would get colder. Apparently, it's warmer here than in some parts of Germany, right now, as this warm front got pushed our way.

See? Now I'm talking.

Each night I hope and plan on reading Pride and Prejudice, and I read a bit, but I always crash way to early. I've been falling asleep by 11 PM each night – usually in bed by 10:10 PM (which it is, right now). So I feel as if I ought to crash... oh habits.

Today I go back to Russia.
I'm not sure at what time that happens, yet. I'm trying to figure it out.

It'll be odd. Norway has become quite comfortable. I've adjusted to people smiling at me and quickly started smiling back without hesitation and suspicion.

I'll only be in Russia for 7 days (all days of transit or resting points for a night) before popping over the border and crossing the entire country of Ukraine, just as I originally said I would when I sat on my bed and closed my eyes and asked, “Hey God – where should I go now?”

This path is one I've resisted, at times, when it didn't feel right. I fought against it. I had a lot of second guesses.

But then, well, things came together as they do and now I'm elated to be there in just a week.

Imagine that – in a week, I'll get to do things like spit my toothpate into the same sink every day for more than 8 days. That's something I haven't done since January in Alaska! Patooooooie!

It'll be interesting sharing an apartment with three other women. I'm also excited for that and believe it will be a healthy opportunity to me – perhaps a bit L'Abri-esque? I can only hope so. I have no worries, right now, and the biggest prayer request that comes to mind is that one of them will be good at braiding hair and will braid mine. I used to worry that I wouldn't get enough “alone time” to be an introvert when living with others, but I've since experienced enough of living with others and adapting to know that I'm a capable bean. I'm good with whatever. I'm fine with a bunkbed and a shelf. Things will work out, I'm confident of that. I desire to love and grow closer to God during this time.

One of the things that excites me is that this is open ended. I've commited to three months, but if it works out for both sides, I can stay for however long I'm meant to be there. I can spend time investing in other humans and take the time to get to know them. I love not having time limits. I like that there's no one that's going to ship me away after just three months have passed.

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