Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Don't Have to Do It

On the 13th at 7 AM, I am boarding a bus for Kirkenes, Norway.
Why not.

I was considering hitchhiking down to Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and then catching a ferry to Helsinki where I would catch a ferry back to beloved Russia.

But, it hasn't yet felt right.

I'm sure things would go fine. I'm sure I would find stories. I'm sure...

But I have to remind myself, in traveling, right now, there is no obligation to go. I don't have to do something just because it "sounds right." If I want to just meander Russia, then, by golly, that's ok.

In my mind, I've been thinking "Norway. Finland. Russia," but had yet to feel the peace about it (just excitement). But now, I rerouted that to "down to southern Russia, maybe Georgia..." and I felt a different feeling.

I'm open to anything, right now. I'm still going to Kirkenes, but from there, I don't know. After telling myself "you don't need to travel through Norway" I felt a lot more peaceful.

It's easy for me to slink into the obnoxious "golly let's have an adventure" mode which is not my favourite.

Why not go to Latvia?

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