Thursday, May 2, 2013

Матвеевская -- Population 6

I've been staying with the Bakhman for three days now. Well, this is the third day.

I've been wanting to write about it but I haven't even been sure where to start. It's been a week (not even a week, though) of bliss.

Misha, Nastia, and their daughter Pasha live in a old (legit-old) traditional wood house in a village of six (yes, population six) in the countryside of the Vologda region of Russia – up North a bit. They like getting back to the traditions of their culture (building such houses out of wood, weaving, making clay whistles, gathering mushrooms) but also have modern conveniences like internet and electricity.

The traditional wooden houses of Russia are intriguing. Most have two homes within the one building – a summer house (big and open) and a winter home (small and compact so it's easy to heat). The homes are heated by wood stoves (a big white one in nearly every room) – some of which have a bed on top. The doorways are short, so you must duck your head down upon entering, and the doors are thick.

They live a life like I've never lived before. I sleep less than two feet from the ceiling.

It's a bit L'Abri-esque. We drink tea after every meal – along with cookies. After breakfast? Cookies and tea. Every occasion is an occasion for tea. Late nights. After a walk. After working outside. After driving. Tea. It's bliss.

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