Sunday, May 26, 2013

Question Answered - Where Do You Want to Go?

I met this guy on the side of the road of a dead end in Uzhhorod.
 Where is one place outside of the US and one place inside the US you want to go besides the places you have already been and are planning to go in the immediate future?

A place outside of the US I want to go... hmm.

I really have a desire to check out Ithaca, Greece. There's a poem about Ithaca that's been a sort of anthem for my life since 2008 and I'd love to experience the real one, sort of bring everything to a full circle. I also have a strong desire to go to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I'm going to try and make that one a reality before 2014 hits. I know you asked for one place...

So if I were to pick one -- Scotland. I want to go to Scotland.

I think curiosities for Africa and South America will come in a different season of life or with the right opportunity. I'm already curious about South East Asia but this is not the time for that, yet.

Russia is funny because I didn't have a desire to go there until after I had bought the ticket. It was a week or two after I had decided to go that I started to get excited. Now, I'm curious into oblivions.

Inside the United States, I want to visit the National Parks! All of them. I want to visit them and take pictures to send home to Grandfather.

I also feel driven to stay in a bunch of small towns for around three or more months each to see what makes them tick. West Virigina, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Louisianna have me curious right now. I know I'll be in Kentucky someday. I find Ohio to be a complete mysetry.

But, to turn that into the answer of "one place," I would have to say Kentucky (the desire came during a trip I made to Wisconsin back in 2009).

No matter where I go, though, I know I'll always be a West Coast girl. Cascadia is my home.

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