Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunflower Seeds

We just passed through Belomorsk.

I saw old wooden houses with large yards and babushkas working in the garden.

A child just walked down the aisle of the train, shaking his head violently and making noises.

I have a giant jar of peppermint green tea brewing.

My teeth are clean.

And life, life is swell.

I took this photograph at midnight. So bright outside.

I slept well on the train last night. I closed my eyes at 12:52 and didn't open them again until 9:04 AM. We're into the longest day of the trip. Most hold a mild, peaceful demeanour as they pour hot water into their instant mashed potatoes and read, reposition, read, reposition.

I mangaged to finish up reading Pride & Prejudice (well done, Jane Austen) and gave a try to a few other classics, seeing if one would grab me at all. Rainbow Valley. The Wizard of Oz. More Jane Austen. Dickens.

Detektivbyran is what I can hear right now.

I have no old babushka friends yet, on this train. A woman came last night who sleeps below me, but she spends the day at the table in the next section down the train. They both put their bedding here and I get to pile it high in order ot have this table folded up so I can sit upright. You can't sit upright in the upper bed where I sleep. But, luckily, one doesn't need to lay down in oder to be able to sleep.

Time is spent reading, writing, eating sunflower seeds (very time consuming – but I'm getting better at it with practice), and day dreaming. I give myself full liberty to day dream as much as a I wish. Sometimes the dreams come slowly – but then I jump on, like getting on a raft that's about  to go through the rapids. You can't get off in the rapids, just like I can't abandon these dreams until I've fully experienced them. They're not always what I would expect to dream about, but it's an amusing way to pass the time.

Pass the time?
Spend time?

I make it sound like I'm wasting time – but I'm not. I'm not killing time. I'm just as presence in this moment as ever and using it in ways that make every minute worth the while. This trip will be 40 hours and then, the day after I arrive in Moscow I will depart for Ukraine, a 30 hour trip.

On the train, you're given full permission to lounge all day. You can take the time to listen to that music album in full with your eyes closed and listen for the subtle parts you missed before. Then, you can go back and listen again.

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