Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Numbers Associated With Being at 69.7° N

I set off on an evening bike ride yesterday. I was elated at the opportunity to finally have access to a bicycle and, not only that, have one in a region that's pretty rad to explore. One of the blissful aspects of Kirkenes is that even if I was biking at midnight, it would still be light out.

Currently, we're getting  around 22 hours, 45 minutes, and 33 seconds of "day." The sun "sets" at 11:27 PM and rises again at 12:42 AM. However, during my time in Murmansk, I witnessed many times that it never, never gets dark just as here, if I woke up at midnight, it would still be light out.

Starting on May 17, the sun will rise at 12:24 AM and then not set again until the 26th of July at 11:33 PM. It will not go down. It'll just fly in circles around our sky. Well, the universe doesn't quite work that way but...

In Seattle, right now, they're getting around 15 hours of sunlight - it rises at 5:30 AM and sets at 8:45 PM.

This photograph does not represent the beauty of Norway very well. I'm not sure why I'm using it.

To give you an idea of how north I am:
Latitude of Haines, Alaska is 59.2° N
I'm currently at 69.7° N in Kirkenes, Norway
Seattle, WA is at 47.6097° N
Austin, TX is at 30.2669° N
Moscow, Russia is at 55.7517°N
Uzhgorod, Ukraine is at 48.6253° N

I'm about 2 degrees closer to the North Pole than I am from Seattle.

Crazy eh?

And an idea of the temperature:
It's currently 9 AM in Haines and 8 C (and it's raining - enjoy!) which is 47 F.
It's 4 C (39 F) in Kirkenes.
Seattle is a comfortable 12 C (54 F).
And Austin, oi, I can't imagine experiencing 25 C (77 F) right now in May.

Distance as the crow flies, Kirkenes is 4210.411 miles from Seattle, 992 miles from Moscow, and 3497 miles from Haines. If only it was that simple.

Population of 3,444 people (that's about twice as large as Haines).

And, this isn't a number thing - but there's free WiFi all around the city. I'm a ways from city centre right now (on what used to be an island, actually) but I've still got WiFi that works at a standard rate for what I've experience on this side of the globe. I applaud this boisterously.

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