Wednesday, May 8, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favourite [Russian] Things

This is for Tucker. I already had it typed up when you asked. I'll reply to the rest of the email in time.

The youngest host I've had so far with CouchSurfing.
1. My Couchsurfing hosts

2. Frowny cashier ladies -- I don't think they ever, ever, ever smile.

3. All of the sunflower-seed products. Sunflower-seed oil is the norm. They also smash 'em up to make xалва (hall-vah).

4. Russian train tickets.

5. Russian bus tickets. When I got on the bus, the man cut out my ticket by hand and then handed it to me after he was given 380 rubels ($12) for my 140 mile trip from Verkhovazhye (Верховажье) to Vologda (Вологда). I also like that they decorate the inside of their busses.

6. Anti-cafés. This is something we don't really have yet in the States - or it isn't well known. In my research, it seems as though it's a Russian thing. NPR did a report on it. At these cafés, you pay for time, not the food and beverages. You pay a rubel-per-minute you spend there (around $2 an hour) and can drink and eat all you like. I'm a fan. I'm at one right now, in fact. I wouldn't be surprised if there's something like it in America, I'm just not sure what it is. I especially like it when I go to the cafe and the Russians invite me to play with them.

7. Hidden shops. I can rarely guess where a shop will be - so many of them seem to be sort of hidden in hallways and up stairways. Luckily, to find groceries I just need to look for a smiling-happy family holding vegetables in a photograph in a window.

8. Tea after every meal and every time you enter a building.

9. хорошо - it sounds like "horror-show"

10. When babushka's verbally criticize me for not dressing warm enough for the weather (or for wearing hiking boots with a skirt).

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