Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Updates From My First Days in Uzhgorod

Across the valley from the fourth floor window.
 I can't say I've settled in, much, but I'm starting to discover what my daily life will look like. Here's just a briefing on what's been up.

  • I'm currently living on the 3rd floor which reminds me of one of the finest songs from my teenager years titled, well, "Room on the Third Floor" by McFly. It enters into my head about five times each day.
  • There is a mouse that is following me from room to room. I'm on my third room now. I started in room 14 and then moved on to room 13 and 11 because, well... well... it's not that I'm scared of the mouse, we're pretty good friends now, actually, it's just that I don't feel like sleeping with him in the room with me.
  • This is my fourth night here.
  • I just spoke with the first native speaker of English that I've spoken to in person in well over a month. I keep trying to simplify my English and separate my words for her. We'll be flatmates starting on Monday. She's rad. She has a accordeon on the stairs that she brought over from Germany (but she's from England) as a gift for the Roma/Gypsy's (still figuring out the term that they desire for me to use).
  • I've been hanging out a lot at the Montessori school that's here at the Centre.
  • Someone here remember when my brother came here almost a decade ago!
  • I'm being fed by a Georgian cook which is pretty rad. They cook me all of my meals.
  • I get a fresh salad three times a day which is also rad.
  • They're chill with my allergies - also rad.
  • On my second morning, I went to the cafe (also in the center) and there were two lovely young (20 years old) women who told me we could hang out and get to know each other. 
  • My stomach is not happy with something and I can't figure out what. Really sharp pains...
  • A lot of my clothes smell like mildew because of the 30 hours they spent wet in my bags on the train after the downpour on my way to the station in Moscow.
  • Been doing a lot of Bible and Jesus-related readings. Opening my eyes again.
  • Camp for foster kids and their families starts next week.
  • Tomorrow at 11 AM I go to the hospital for the first time to meet the "abandoned babies" as they've been called.
  • Really, really looking forward to moving in on Monday. I think I'm going to be in a room that's totally empty except for three beds. No closet. No drawers. Looks like I'll be living out of boxes again.
  • I start teaching English next Monday. I'll be teaching daily at the Montessori school and twice a week with a group of beginners.
  • So green.
  • Lots of folks have their own gardens and chickens here.
  • My favourite place to hang out in is the glass pyramid which is the entire fourth floor.

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  1. I will keep you in my prayers as you live out your adventures.


Your words make me grin.

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