Friday, May 24, 2013

We Were All Aliens In Russia

There's a group of four of us, right now, in my area of the train, three sets of bunks. We had two more occupants but they have since detrained.

Everyone is jovial and we're all quick to laugh.

Folks laden with tea sets, demonic singing creepy babies, and wind chimes walk the aisles, peddling their wares like the train is the local market. Each time one passes, we all start to smirk which quickly turns into another laugh that is better than the shower I had yesterday as I scrubbed my scalp with baking soda.

We have Purple Shirt, Black Shirt, and Pink shirt.

Purple Shirt is the babushka of the group, her face gracefully adorned with well-earned wrinkles. You can tell she expects and hopes for community when she boards the train. She's really easy going and quick to tell you not to worry about something.

Pink shirt is across the aisle from us all.

Black shirt is a complete character. Oh how she laughs and guffahs and makes faces. I enjoy her. When I don't share a language with someone, it always helps when they can make faces with me. She has black hair that goes down to the middle of her back and bangs that cut strait across to frame her small face.

So far, I've turned own three treats. One was a sort of fried bread. I turned it down because it was white, a sugar trigger, for me. Then I was offered a walnut pastry, more white flour and sugar, and finally, two Lindt schoggi kugels (chocolate balls). I was so tempted to eat those schoggi kugels and still want to. But, I know that I need to get over this. I need to go through the headaches and come off this addiction. It's at the front of my mind at all time.

I started off the day with two boiled eggs, thanks to Mathilde of Quebec, and some rice and beans. I have a banana from pink shirt that I'll enjoy for lunch along with a bell pepper and spinach. I ate a little bit of мед (honey) because I've noticed my body does fine with honey. It's raw and from the farm Mathilde was volunteering on last week.

I guess most of this entire train is Ukrainian. They were all foreigners in Russia, like me.

I went to wait for the bathroom and there was a man already there. When the bathroom was finally vacated, he insisted I go in front of him. Russia has gentleman, but they generally, from my personal experience, that was a side of them you only witnessed once you knew them. I can only speak from my limited time in Russia and I guess it's a bit premature to evaluate an entire country by one man who let me go to the bathroom before him...

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