Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Am I Settling For a While?

"Why Ukraine? Why settling?"

I am in Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod), Ukraine right now (9 minute walk from Slovakia) and will be for the next 3+ months at the Nehemiah Centre.

"Whaaat.... but.. but.. don't you like changing beds every 1.6 nights?"

Yes. Indeed. Most certainly. But I need a short season (3 months can count as a season, right?) in one place.


(and this will be me explaining why I have the guts to spend 3 months in one place as if the concept is totally unreasonable and unfathomable to the general world)

To develop deeper bonds and relationships.

Constantly moving around opens up a lot of opportunities to meet all sorts of interesting rad folks -- but, when you change location every few days, you never get the chance to really know someone. I want to have time to really get to know some humans over here in Eastern Europe. I want to invest in some relationships and grow through them. While I value the lessons I learn in brief encounters, I think a lot can come from extended periods of time as well.

To have a purpose.

I think I covered this one earlier but I'll restate it here. In travelling around, I felt like I was living for me - this life is about so much more than that.

Because I'm only on this side of the globe, in the first place, because I was planning on living in the Ukraine for a while.

Russia was not on the original agenda. Nor was Norway...

Because traveling costs dollars.

Or kroner... travelling is not cheap. Sort of. Ok, actually it is if you travel in a Magi-style (I just checked out my friends travels and, honestly, was pretty shocked when I saw a glimpse of what his budget allows - love you, man, but travelling as a "poor college student" doesn't normally allow one to even consider booking a $100 hotel room for a night). I've actually kept spending to a very, very bare minimum - quite likely I am spending, per month, less than what most folks spend on rent each month. Most of my money is spent on vegetables and train-fare. Other than that, it's been affordable - thank you amazing CS hosts.

Anyway, I'm currently settled in a place where, if I'm helping out, they cover my food and shelter me as well in a sweet apartment. This, folks, is sustainable. This is doable. This is how you can, in fact, live without having your life be centred around money. This is the kind of arrangement I find pretty rad. It also allows me to stay on this side of the globe for a whole lot longer.

I get to establish a rad routine.

1 hour of Russian studies.
1 hour of Bible studies.
Go for a walk.

These things are sometimes harder to maintain when each day you wake up in a new city and there are things to experience.

I get to hang up my clothes on clothes hangers in a closet.

To really be a part of a community.

To be able to buy a pumice stone for my feet and not have to keep the wet thing in a bag as I move on and then have it get gross.

I can now send and receive letters (Thank you Hannah! It arrived today!).

And hug babies. 


  1. whats your address??

    Also, as of now, I will be in Ingelheim, Germany till August 15thish, then will be in Swiss for a few days before flying back to the sates. However, I might be back in Germany. don't know yet. Anyways, if you can make it to Germany. I would love to see you!! :)

  2. Your amazing....and brave :)

  3. How did you discover the Nehemiah school?

    1. Ian went to the Nehemiah Center back almost a decade ago. When I decided to go to Ukraine, that was the first place I checked with to see if they could use me.

  4. So glad to have found your blog (via you commenting on mine - thank you!)

    Looking forward to following your adventures and explorations, even/especially as you settle.

    All the best!

    Adventures of a Sequin Cat


Your words make me grin.

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