Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2009 :: A Mägi Frosch Guide to a Cooler World

I wrote this out when I was 18 years old back in the July of 2009 and posted it on Facebook as a note. I decided to reintroduce it here.

With temperatures getting hotter and hotter, higher and higher, we need to take some drastic action to stay cool.

As I write this, Kenmore is roasting at a blazing 99.7 °F with 23% humidity.
It's supposed to get up to 101 °F.
(and all my Australian friends out there are laughing at what wimps us Americans are)

Main point is, Seattlites were not built for this kind of weather.

So here's a couple of tips, tricks, and obvious ideas to stay cool.

1. The wet towel. It never fails. For some reason, water just cools us down. Get a towel damp, throw it in the freezer for 5 minutes, apply to neck.. ahhhh. So nice. It feels wonderful.

2. Superfood. In this weather, food just doesn't sound appealing (to me, at least). Superfood is a brilliant sort of fruit blend juice mixture from Odwalla. It's got a ton of good stuff in there. When it's hot out and the drink is cool, you're sure to stay nourished.

3. "A good way to keep cool in the heat is to shower right before you go to bed and aim a fan at you while you sleep...trust me on this one!"
- Andrew Althauser-
Credentials: Exchange Student --> Thailand

4. Check out the bank. Just go in there, chill, it's cold in there. Yesterday I just went to the bank with my laptop and a pitcher of water and enjoyed their air conditioning for a refreshing 45 minutes. In fact, most stores and such are air conditioned. Which leads me to...

4.5. Take a nap at the mattress store.

5. Retreat to the basement.

6. Pool - naturally. But you must know that already.

7. Shower and don't dry off so you don't know what is sweat and what is clean water from your last shower.

8. Get some wonderful anti-perspirant - I recommend Degree Cool Rush. It smells good.

9. Don't wear any clothes.

10. At night, sleep outside so the natural breeze can feel lovelier than a stuffy bedroom - only downfall is you will wake up sweating if you sleep in too late.

11. Become a night person... as in, change your minds clock, or whatever that is. Sleep during the day (even though it's too hot to do so) and be active at night.

12. The weather at Alki Beach in the evening is perfect... the sunset is amazing, but I have too short of an attention span to sit and wait for it.

13. Jump off a waterfall.

14. Lock yourself in a walk in freezer.

15. Drive. Car. Windows. Down.

Or somehow be one of those lucky mates with air conditioning in your house or car...

 Kat J-b
there is also if you have an aging pet (in my case a cat) that can't remember how to keep themselves cool, both you and the animal will benefit from the furball getting a cold bath.... and between their splashing and you trying to hold them you will get wet too

Venice MF Wong

Haha, which bank did you hang out at?

Alex Place

number 5 and 11 all summer long

Neil Enns

I have another way: get a big watermellon. Stick it in the fridge to cool down overnight. Then when you get home in the evening cut the top off and sit on the couch with the whole mellon on your belly like a big bowl. Use a spoon to scoop out the insides. Eat them.

Cold on your insides and cold on your outsides. Delicious AND refreshing!

Becky Shipe

a good building to go to is cascadia community college. i have classes there this summer and it is seriously so cold that i have been bringing a coat to class and shivering inside of it for hours. i feel very odd carrying a coat to class in the sweltering weather, but it is very needed there.

so if you want to cool off, just go hang out in the cafe area place thing. buy some iced drink or something and hang out with your laptop.

Kat J-b

i agree with Estel, i've been living in the cafe before my classes in the morning, it is a lot better than being outside.

Becky Shipe

good call kat. i'm in the cafe right now and it's so nice. i've been coming to school like two hours before class starts because being here is better than being at home. plus i get to see some of my friends sometimes.

Raquel DeQuilettes

I have done: 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,13, and 15
I will do: 14 and 10, and hopefully also chill in a bank to cool down as well and the mattress store idea sounds SO NICE.
thank you immensely maggggggiggigiigigiii i:)

Amarette Edmonson

must admit, when i first heard about all you seattlites complaining about 99 degree weather, i just had to laugh. bc down in texas we havent seen a day below a 100 degrees all summer. so i thought yall were just a bunch of wimps or something. but then i realized one thing: yall dont have AC anywhere!! the only way we survive is AC and its everywhere. the only downfall, we must also pay for that all summer, somethimes spring fal and winter. haha so anyways, after my realization, i do feel sorry for you guys. but think about this: be thankful that on a normal basis you can enjoy the outdoors for more than 5 mins without sweating, even though its not the case right now.
good luck fighting the heat!!!

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