Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Admit It... It's Hot

When I wake up at 5:21 AM and roll over and take a picture...
Finally! Finally the Ukrainians admit it.

It is hot.

The past few weeks are what I’ve considered to be “hot” as I stroll around without shoes and t-shirts and skirts.

“Aren’t you cold?” they would ask as I came back from an evening walk.

Cold? I’m roasting. I’m sweating. This is not cold. This is as hot as it got to be last summer, for me.

After a year in Alaska and then coming straight from the Arctic Circle (Norway/Russia), I was not fully prepared to deal with the heat of Ukraine.

Well, finally it’s up to the point where they say it’s hot. It’s only in the 90s now (so I know things will get a whole lot hotter) but as my body readjusts, it feels like more.

I’ve been learning to love it. I’ve been learning to, er, love feeling sweaty as I do things like just sit and type on a computer.

One of the best parts of the day is 1 PM when I watch the school children nap. Why? It’s in the basement in the garage! And for 2-3 hours, all I do is sit and enjoy being in a cold dark room and listen to small Ukrainian children snore. It’s resting on my eyes (which don’t dilate properly making being in the sun painful – I always travel with a hat and sunglasses) and wonderful to be obliged to just “be” in one place and do nothing ‘cept read and write. I can usually get through a book every two days.

Last night, the most wonderful thing happened. Oxanna brought me a fan. A honest-to-goodness-giant-stand-up-head-moves-wiggling fan. Just. For. Me.

You guys – this is better than Christmas gifts, I think. I have a fan. Nazaar, her brother, found it for me. I’m elated. I set it up in my room, stripped down, and pulled out the fiddle. Pretty soon I was dancing around.

I set it up to blow over me all night long and found myself chill enough, that night, that I actually got to use Ithaca, my quilt.

I woke up at 5:30 AM and gave my fan a smile. Fan,  right now, you are sort of the center of my life…

I woke up at 5:30, pulled on a skirt and tromped downstairs to use the restroom. And my hair. It was… well, you saw the picture. That’s what happens when you swim in a river before bed and let the fan dry your hair as you dance and then sleep and sweat in it.

I think things are just going be getting hotter from here on out. Should be getting up to 91 F today – Seattle is some 30 degrees colder than here.

I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time in that River Uzh this summer…

Learn to love it.
Learning to love.

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