Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Artiem Update

 One of the things I’ve had to adjust to, at the hospital, is the fact that the kids come and go on whims without warning. I might have five or seven babies one day and then, on days like today, I only have two babies.

Yesterday I went to the hospital expecting a room full of occupied cribs and was surprised to see it was just Artiem and Little Mister. I had arms full of diapers, wipes, and medicine for them - thanks you to guys! Thank you!!! Thank you for helping these babies.

I was pleased to see his face had healed up (these photographs are from last week when he was covered in scrapes - probably from fingernails). I was also proud to find him on his stomach, head up, looking around and alert. When he spotted me, we locked eyes (staring contest – he won!), and I shuffled over to his crib.

He gave me a bright smile and vocalized his approval. He knew he was about to get some attention. As I set down my belongings, he started to cry. I raced over, scooped him up, and snuggled him in his arms, whispering songs into his ear.

"Who is this bizarre human?"
The next hour was bliss as I was able to give him my undivided attention.

I wish, I wish I could lay out a blanket for him to crawl on. I wish I could let him roll over and over. I wish I could take him outside. I wish I could carry him around all day and let him know that he is loved.

It's hard to get a picture of him smiling because whenever the camera comes up, he gets quite intrigued by its existence and desires to touch it and figure it out. I can't say I blame him.

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