Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Drafts from the Vault II

I'm at it again.

This week I've been going through old posts that I have as drafts and either deleting them or getting up the courage to post 'em.

I've got 158 drafts!

Over 158 times that I've started a post, or even completed one, and not put it up.

Sometimes, they're just a bit too honest and raw for me to reveal in the present moment or they only represent a temporary state of mind.

I'm publishing most of them back to the date that I wrote them - so they'll pop up in history but you won't really realize it unless you go post by post back to months like January. I didn't mean for a lot of people to see them, so almost no one will see them, but I want to still include them in this ongoing documentation of my life. They touch on things like self-esteem. Some just don't seem polished and ready, but I decide to post them anyway.

Some of them will be published here and will seem dreadfully out of place and completely unrelated to Ukraine... because they are.

The Grandma-post, though, is legit and recent (yesterday). Each time I log onto the computer, I have to check to see if Grandma died which is awful! I hate it.

Some I'll post as new, in June, and then switch over to their appropriate month later on.

My goal is to get 158 down to 100.
That's a whole lotta posts to sort through...

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  1. I need to go through my online photo album and do some clearing out. It is time consuming isn't it? Sad to hear you need to check on your grandma...


Your words make me grin.

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