Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fiddlin' for Folks

I'd never thought of my fiddle-skillz to be good enough to play for people 'cept in friendly backyard jams. It's peculiar because I don't really consider myself that fantastic of a violin player as I know some truly incredible musicians who I respect on the violin (folks like Scotty, Amanda, Diana, Kyle, Eva, Margaret, and Milo among others). When I pick up to play, my first thoughts are, "But they're all so much better." I shy away from playing for a crowd.

The other evening, though, I was playing for a dinner crowd at the restaurant that it is a part of where I live. I was playing a tune I wrote for the puppet troupe I was a part of in Alaska when, mid song, I looked up and saw they were all smiling at me. They weren't looking to evaluate me or criticise - they were just enjoying the music. And that's what's given me the encouragement I needed to start playing more and even play for other humans.

It's certainly not the cello (which I miss dearly) - but it's what I got in my hands right now and I'm grateful for that.

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