Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stray Dogs in Ukraine & Luis Miguel

In Ukraine (and Russia) there's a major problem (to the eyes of a Westerner) called there-are-stray-dogs-everywhere.

Every street has a stray, homeless, ownerless dog wandering around.

Some are, for the most part, quite friendly, but every once in a while you run into one that wants to bite your brains out. Fortunantly, I still have my brains as they have not been bitten out.

Early in the evening, at the park, we met a sir on a bicycle and there was a dog with him. Well, I thought the dog was with him.

Everywhere we went, the dog went. He was pretty well behaved except for at one car which he declared a enemy worthy of destruction.

To the corner shop....

To the river...

At another shop, I grabbed myself a tortilla. I unfolded it and it grew and grew to what seemed like the size of a blanket.

And, before I knew it, Luis Miguel was trying to pull it out of my hands. He kept jumping up to eat my tortilla.

"Your dog..." I began to say.
"He's not my dog."



Who's dog is this?
No one's.

Later I gave him some more tortilla.

"He'll never leave you now." I was told.

He was a handsome dog. I named him Luis Miguel.
Not to be confused with Luis of Mexico:

I named him after Luis Miguel I met in the Dominican Republic a decade ago. I wonder what he's like as a teenager.

The dogs here, though, it's somethin' else.

A lot of them join together in packs and spend the days wandering around together. You'll see 'em in the middle of the sidewalk in the heat with no plans. If it gets hot enough, they loose the will to bark at you.

I haven't had any real issues with them, luckily. They don't especially seem to mind me and I'm fine with their existance.

I especially like Luis Miguel. I hope to find him again soon. If I do, I'm going to buy him a sausage. Poor guy must be hungry if he was that desperate for my tortilla. Wish I had realized how hungry he was earlier.

UPDATE: I found Luis Miguel again and bought he and his friends a few packs of sausages. After those, they turned up their noses at the tortillas I also had to offer.

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