Monday, June 17, 2013

My Feet Are Still Bear

Last year, on a whim, I got the word “bear” on my foot to stand for “barefoot.”

And barefoot is what this summer have been.

My soles aren’t fully toughened up yet to handle the hottest pavement for long stretches, yet, but they’re getting there. I usually get in 2-4 miles of barefoot strolling each day, carrying around shoes just in case I encounter a store.

The Ukrainians aren’t quite sure what to make of this…

I’ve been told multiple times that I will get sick from having cold feet. The problem is I did get a cold but I couldn’t tell anyone because then they would say it was because of my feet. In actuality, it’s must likely from the babies at the hospital who cough in my face.

There’s glass all over this city, smashed on the ground, but I have yet to see them break my skin.


I’ve also been going barefoot a lot more because I have yet to twist my ankles when barefoot. Shoes, they twist. Barefoot? Just fine.

It also helps with my knees. Knees – those are scaring me right now. I thought I was doing better but my knees have been acting up (grateful for the Egyptian oil from Washington D.C. which does help and make my entire room smell like sassafras which is keenly similar to root beer).

I’ve been reading about barefoot running and the author mentions how going barefoot can help out with the joints as you find yourself more in balance. You also step incredibly lighter when barefoot – I think that’s what helps me. So, when my knees get wonky, I take off my shoes and it feels significantly better. Sometimes I even give light jogging a try. I want to run, someday. I really want to run.

I have also noticed that my feet now itch (not a literal itch, more of a craving) to feel the grass and the ground. After too much time in shoes, they just want to feel every surface and so I have to find grass and gravel and pavement to satisfy them.

Happy happy feet.

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