Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Fort

In my time with the kids today...

We made a fort.

These two have been at the hospital the entire time I've been visiting. Every other kid, that I know of, has moved on but these two stick around. They're siblings.

I pulled their cribs apart and draped the dalmation blanket over it.

They stared.

I tried to go in.

They laughed.

Pretty soon, it was our game for the day. I would clomp around the room looking up and then spin, stare at them, and chase them back in there, all three of us laughing gleefully (is there another way to laugh?). I've never been to clown school, but I let my face show any range of emotions without hindrance  like I think a clown might, and they responded vibrantly to that.

Want to help?

Currently, the best way you can help is with your dollars. I'm still checking on what needs we have, but from talking to the woman who set me up with the hospital, they are short on diapers and medicine. When we went to visit, the first time, the centre I'm staying at brought diapers over to the hospital to use. Clothes and toys are reusable and washable and they have enough for the kids they have.

So -- I have this button:

I'm going to talk straight about what's happening.

That button puts the money straight (straight!) into my own personal bank account. From there, I'll withdraw it as cash and it will be used, directly, to buy what they need. There's no organization to go through, here. You'll just have to trust me on this one, that I'm an honest person, and that your dollars will go straight to helping out these babies.

If, by any chance, you do want to support or encourage me financially in my time here (it would probably go towards getting the shoes I need to wear at the hospital, bus fare, sunscreen, stamps, and a bar of dark chocolate), you can still send the cash via that button, just add a note (they'll give you the option for that) and specify that, "Hey -- $5 of that is for you to enjoy! Go get yourself some carrots!"  Otherwise, it's all going to them, which is just swell!

And if you don't have cash to spare, keep us in your prayers and I'd also encourage you to post this on Facebook.

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  1. What a gift to give the little one's in their day...laughter ♥


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