Friday, June 21, 2013

River Jam & Bus Stop Busking

"So satisfied. In my bedroom there is a fiddle I am allowed to play whenever I like. Yesterday I met up with Austin (bearing a guitar) and Hannah and music was made on the banks of the River Uzh. After our jam session, we went to hop the bus and there, some men asked for music. We played a few songs and they opened up our case and folks started putting hryvnias in. A few days ago, I also had the chance to ride on a human's bicycle (thank you Igor) for a short stint which blissed me out enough to last a few days. We rode through the park and along the river as the sun set and raced cars, dodging bugs that tried to make it into our mouths. The same evening was spent getting eaten by said bugs in the company of others as we enjoyed live music in a clearing in the woods.

Bicycles. Fiddles. Live music. Trees.
Now I feel like I can settle here for a few months and call this place home.

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