Thursday, June 27, 2013

Snippets from Wednesday

Here are some snippets from my Wednesday. Wednesdays are generally swell, right? I like 'em.

I was waiting for the bus and flagged it down. There were some other ladies down the road who wanted to get on so they hustled up to where I was standing and pushed me aside to get on first. They then figured out it wasn’t going where they wanted it to so they got off and closed the door… all while I’m still waiting to get on.

I left my bag at Mario & Igor’s and needed it to volunteer at the hospital. I went to just pick it up but, well, in Ukraine you can’t just pick something up. Their mother and grandmother were incredibly hospitable and insisted that I sit down and have cabbage soup… and then rice with spinach and an egg and cherries and apricots… 30 minutes later, or so, I left with my bag. Ukrainian hospitality is overwhelming and beautiful.

My multiple day for delicious soup in Uzhgorod for dinner (I had a cup for lunch and a cup for snack) was satisfied. At Kactus I was able to get a beautiful bowl of onion soup for a little over a buck. I know I’ll be back.

My body woke up at 7:05 AM this morning. Not cool, body, not cool. I had gotten back late and knew I needed to sleep in till at least 10 AM to be rested for the day.

Postcard from Hannah! I’m trying to get stamps! I will soon, I will. With my schedule, though, it’s hard to get them. The post office closes at 4 PM.

Cuddling two Roma babies at once…

So, we’re having issues with boils at the hospital. 2/3 of the babies have them and I’m not supposed to cuddle the boil-covered babies, I think. Artiem had a boil on his ear and it popped on my shirt. I’ve been extra careful to wash wash wash.

Nicole Albright is engaged!

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