Friday, June 14, 2013

Still No Way to Regularly Process Ideas As Typed Out Words

It's peculiar.

I have so much to say. So many ideas bouncing.
And I haven't had the means to document it appropriately with the whims and whirls that take over my mind. My computer is still kaput. I still don't have a replacement.

I want to write about my grandmother's death. She died, you know.
She died on Saturday.

Good-bye Grandma Hazel Kerr Wilson!

I want to write about kids sleeping in tents and concerts in the wind and my housing situation and how I feel about not blogging.

Now I'm writing about not blogging.

And there is so much to document.

It's overwhelming. Ought I to just let it go? It will require hours of sorting through photographs and pairing them with the right words - the words that will enable me to remember my life in Ukraine.

I want to write about how tonight, finally Ukraine started to feel like a place I could call home. These past two nights have been incredible. They've been campfire and music and bliss.

Tonight I got to bike along the river Uzsh (spelling?) and that, that was the highlight of my entire time, thus far, in this country. This lad in our group had forgotten in sweatshirt on the clear other end of the park (a decent 10 minute walk or so) so a set of Ukrainian twins (Mario & Egor) lent us their bicycles. Once we raced away, I got the finest of rushes.... you know how it is on a bike. I've missed that. My only time on bikes, lately, was up in Norway and then, before that, I got to pull Brandon for a short period of time in Boston.


I met some folks in the park who said they would take me out biking in the mountains...


Stretching and growing. Figuring things out. At time I fear I'm falling into a rut, but then life gets all the richer.

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  1. My condolences at the loss of your grandma. :(


Your words make me grin.

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