Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stories From a Young Margaret

Oh No!
by Margaret Hubert
1st Grade

This book is dedicated to Bryan Hubert.

Once upon a time in the desert there was a coyote, a deer and a bighorn sheep. They were friends but there was one problem. The people were building buildings and taking their homes.

The animal made a plan. The deer bucked the people. The coyote bites and the bighorned sheep pushed them. Then night came. The animals sneakily walked to the peoples work place.

Then, the animals took action and killed the people.

The Poka Party
By Maggie H.
(1999 – 9 years of age)

One rainy Saturday Shawn went to the Lake Forest Park Center planning just to look in corners and watch people on the stage dancing or playing music. On the other side of the mall Sharen was looking at lace at Joanns Fabrics looking feeling the texture of the fabric lace. Sharen was as shy as Shawn.

Suddenly music filled the mall. It was nice music, the kind that makes you want to sawy. Its words went like this, “Oh please oh please come to the stage oh pleas oh please I will make you a deal if you come you will get free squa and papaya and come on the stage because were having a POKA PARY!” Shawn really like poka patys because he was the best boy for dancing at poka partys. He wasn’t shy at poka party either. Sharen really really liked poka partys too because they were waky and they were free. Sharen was good at pokaing.

Shawn ate 3 papayas and 5 squashas and then went on stage. Sharen ate 1 squash and 10 papaya and then started to poka on stage. Then, like always, everyone sang with the music. The song went like this “You put your right hand in you put your write hand in… etc.” Everyone danced the Hokey Poka and sang and ate. Then like tradition, someone said to get into a circle girls on one side boys on the other.

Then the girls walked strate to the boy in front of her. Then they hokey and ate together. Shawn and Sharen were partners. They danced and sang and ate together until 9:00. Then they said “Good bye see you next year.” Shaw and Sharen were never shy again.

The End.

My Favorite Relative
1st Grade

Ian is my brother. He likes to read. He always reads Garfield comic strips. He likes to draw. We ride bikes together too. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wart on his big toe. He tells good stories like Cinderella getting her head cut off by the prince. We like to play outside and build and pretend.

I Would Rather
1st Grade

I would rather be a swordfish than a elephant seal because elephant seals are really really fat and elephant seals are really funny.
Journal Entry - 11-13-97 - Age 7


Ounc a pon a tim ther was a dwomachin (dalmation) how (who) was rilly a prsin (person). Well see not zacly (exactly) she just liz (likes) dwomachin (dalmations).

(I'm guessing this was inspired by good friend Emily Wamble)

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