Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Good-Bye on Aurora

My "good-bye's" have been fading more and more.

I'm thinking back to earlier in 2013 when I said good-bye to Mom.

It was one of the most unspecial, wonderful good-byes I've had. It happened as she dropped me off on a corner in Aurora, next to the Value Village. Yeah, pretty close to where the hookers likes to chill ("Hey there pretty lady!").

She hopped out of the driver's seat to give me a quick hug and I...I... I started to cry.
Cry? I don't cry at good-byes. I laugh in their face! HA! Good-bye? See you later.
I thought I had conquered this one back in oh-seven.

But I cried.
Luckily I had a handkerchief - snotty, used, and in prime condition to sop up the slime from my face.

It's not like this was the first time I was departing without any plans (when I left for Alaska, I knew nothing, nothing at all.. including not knowing the two men I was getting the car with beyond that they were decent dancers which counts for something, right?).

I had only two, two beds lined up for the first three nights in Russia. After that, I had nothing. I didn't know what direction I was going to head or what would happen. I didn't know the language. I had studied a bit of the history.

It's also not like I'd been around her much, at all, since 2010.... but she is Mother Dearest.

I squinted those tears away, best I could, gave her one last hug, and set out for my day.

"Good-bye Mom."

Perhaps going to Russia without plans is a bit different than Alaska - although it ought not be. Alaska, as many Russians have told me, is pretty much the same thing as Russia. Telling people you live in Alaska, when travelling in Russia, is a mighty-fine-good-thing.

Couch to floor to bed to snuggles to empty soviet apartments.

It don't seem like all that much... trains, planes, hovercraft, jolting busses, kayaks, bicycles...

How long will Uzhhorod be my home?

The pictures are from my first "planned" destination after Seattle/Portland/Vancouver/West-Coast-Radness (we're not counting Chicago - it was like accidentally stepping into a magical puddle of vegan pudding with sprinkles) which was Washington D.C. I liked getting my back cupped!

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