Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 1 in Uzhhorod Rambles

I'm sitting in the corner of my new bedroom.
Streaming the Coast Community Radio of Astoria, OR.
Nyk is DJing.

He's playing the relaxing music of a friend from Tacoma on the piano. And now... I don't know what this is, but it's adorable. Disgustingly wonderfully adorable. The adorable that makes you want to find the closest baby and say, "Hey  short baby-human - wanna.... dance?" This all happens, preferably, after said baby has been bathed and is still wrapped up in a fluffy towel. Dancing with naked babies after their baths is one of my favourite past-times - and I'm pleased to say I have danced with many a freshly-bathed babe.

I want to write about my bedroom - but that will go in a post with bedroom pictures.

Welcome to my One Week in Uzhhorod milestone. One week I've been in this town (ha!) of 116,000, surrounded by so many trees! They consider themselves a town. I'd say city.

There are so many tangents I want to dive into right now. I think I'll make a list and tackle it later, post by post:
  • This is the biggest town I've ever lived in
  • Everywhere, everything is green. Plants are abundant - especially fragrant ones.
    • I allot 9 extra minutes for each walk to stop and sniff stuff.
  • New bedroom. Settled.
  • My social world is currently rad hotel staff
  • After months of staying on people's couch's and in their spare rooms, I am settling, of all places, in a hotel
  • Bizarre eating all of my meals in a cafe
  • Update on Da Babies
  • I got a hug!
  • Stupid stupid stupid plastic bags
  • Evening strolls.
  • Riverside
See! Each of those deserve their own post. I have enough free time to accomplish much, but lately, I've been terribly unproductive.... or productive. I've been reading Rainbow Valley (same author of Anne of Green Gables - it's about Anne's children and their friends) which gets me in luxurious cycles of daydreams. I also have been devouring When Godly People Do Ungodly Things (Beth Moore) which, despite the odd name, has been ever so fascinating and eye opening.

What am I going to accomplish with today? What do I need to achieve. What can I do?

There are a lot of things I really truly honestly ought to do and I'm not doing them. There are things to accomplish and I'm searching for the gumption to back it out.

There is a plethora of homeless dogs that run around this town (and all of Russia and Ukraine) and they bark at you sometimes. But, they have yet to be more than a nuisance. I'm not a dog person. I do like the cats though. I saw one get chased (by a dog) into the tall grass and then it did a vertical hop-jump straight up about a foot high and come down, like in a cartoon.

Tomorrow, a huge group of Americans are coming. To be honest, at first I wasn't too thrilled (and still am not "thrilled"). I'm not a fan of being around Americans when I'm abroad and never have been. That's not to say I was dreading it - just not excited about it. They're going to be here for an entire month. But then I realized it could be encouraging to see them and... and I'm open. Great things could happen and I've released my expectations. Sort of. I'm trying to.

It's about half a day later and I'm starting to get a little excited. I'm hoping there will be a special friend just for me in that group.

Super chillllllll.

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