Monday, June 17, 2013

What Happens in the Backyard :: Campout

The other night, in the backyard of where I live ("my backyard?") there was a camp-out as a concluding "shizambammaloooohaha" to the past two weeks of day-camp we've had at the Nehemiah Center. I can't say I've been much involved in the camp at all, but I was excited to join the community around the campfire.

Dinner was a coloborative effort of chopping and roasting. We had thick sausages, held over the fire till they sizzled with perfection,  a Hungarian soup I didn't get to taste (blame the apples and tomatoes), and cucumbers.

The campers are a mixture of foster children and children who live with their biological families. The foster families and children have been staying at the hotel these past two weeks. During the day, the parents get a chance to rest and attend talks and seminars.

As kids played on the teeter-totter, kicked a ball around, and laughed in their tents, the phrase, "thy kingdom come," kept playing in my head.

The sun's disapearance was a sign for the instruments to be brought out. Austin had his guitar and I was overwhelmingly delighted when Tanya handed me a fiddle. The kids went to bed and the counselors and other folk (I'd be an "other folk") stuck around at the campfire. The counselors were on shift all night long. I went to bed at 2:30 AM.

The Nehemiah Center is starting to feel like home.. starting to feel like a place I can call home. Not sure how long I'll be here, but I'm going to enjoy the time I have.

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