Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunt Fericita

Between onion munches in Romania...

I saw this site about two times too many.

First time was rad! A road boasted a sign saying there was a dapper bike trail. No. No. It was not a bike trail. It was a giant-boulder-laden death mountain. But, I clamoured up it. My land it wast toasty! Luckily, like with all good up-climbs I was rewarded with this view ("Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.") and met a few farmer. This is what they see as they work in their fields and garden all day.

Sadly, somewhere on this hill I lost my yellow handmade-in-Brooklyn hat which helps my dysfunctional eyes see. So, the next morning, I did the entire trek backwards.

I biked down the hill only wiping out once (I've done mountain biking - this made those dirt trails seem like the smoothest, flattest pavement).

An hour later I found myself in a roadside shop where a man was insisting that I drink with him (mineral water, please!) and I decided to engage in that conversation (German really does come in handy).

It's then that I realized I lost my phone. I was told there was no, no hope of finding it or getting it back "in a place like Romania." Ha!

I biked back to where I took the fall (blood is mighty fine stuff) and there it was - my lovely two-sim-card-laden phone.

I walked to the side of the road ("path"), peed freely, and two minutes later a tractor came and drove right over where my phone had been.


Those hills.... so... alive.

That's my first legit-sentence I learned in Romania, this weekend. "I am happy because I have two ears." Not saying I wouldn't be fine with three, but I'm very content with two of them.

Romanian is a whole lot easier to nab up than Russian and Ukrainian. My peculiar Italian (half-learned through Swiss-German before I could even hear a distinction between Swiss-German and Italian) I picked up in 2007-08 in Switzerland actually came in handy as I made attempts at communicating with folks I met on the street who called out after I passed through their small village for the fourth time in a row.

This weekend I was totally blessed/blissed out as I got to bike around the Romanian country side. I have come to the conclusion that old Romanian farmers are the cutest folks - they where wonderful hats.

I found myself sort of stunned into awe as I clambered up hills amid the Carpathians and munched on a raw onion that had only been in the ground 20 seconds earlier. I felt overwhelmed with delight in conversations in which, really, all I would do with the old lady is take turns laughing as we looked into each others eyes - and eventually laughing together.

I was grateful to find hummus.
I was grateful when Narcisa showed me her life and welcomed me into her home.
Grateful to be able to cross the border by foot without a hitch.

Even grateful for four-hour long bus rides in which the bus is so packed that folks are standing where you didn't know there was standing room.

Really, no complaints. This world is swell.

Thanks, Narcisa, for capturing this moment.

I'm hoping to write more about my time here but I don't know if I'll get to...

So this will have to do for now.

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