Wednesday, August 7, 2013

122 Degrees Fahrenheit

Photo from Budapest
"Are you ready for today?" Natalie, the Belgium woman who sleeps in the room next to mine, asked as she put her hair up.
"Ready for what?"
"It's going to be 45 to 50 degrees Celsius."

I hadn't heard of temperature up in that range and grabbed my phone to do the conversion.

That's 113 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


I didn't know it could even get that hot.

There's a partial reason why I went to Alaska last summer and relished Seattle the one before. I like it cold. I like it chill. Me and mild get along just great.

It's when the weather hits 80 degrees that I start to melt.

If I was in Alaska right now, I would be experiencing 51 F weather (11 C). Even Seattle's ok at 68 F (20 F).

But 122 F?

So did I survive?

After chugging 1.5 L of water (sort of... it took an hour) I went to the store an invested in a thermometer. For the rest of the day, I brought it with me everywhere so I could keep track of what I was experiencing. I thought that maybe it wouldn't be as hot as I was told it would be.

Nope. That thermometer verified it.

Stumbling down the street, I kept my eyes on the numbers as the red alcohol in the thermometer crept up. Indeed, it managed to reach 122 F. It did.

Inside a restaurant, it actually felt cool at 87 F.

97 F was what I could find in the shadows.

And 5 miles was what I walked, today, in that heat.
Still alive!

Although I really haven't been hungry. Finally, at 4 PM, I forced myself to eat some frozen peas and I got down a cup of borscht soup at dinner time but that was it.

I heard tomorrow is supposed to be the same...

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  1. 122 degrees!?!? That's- how is that liveable?! I've never heard of that! Incredible. Hahaha, and here I was thinking that my actually going to Death Valley and it being 105 degrees was going to be interesting :P. Just got back from my drive to California!


Your words make me grin.

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