Sunday, August 11, 2013

Budapest, Hungary

I boarded the train with Amarette - a lovely lass I met in Switzerland back in 2007.
We crossed the border to Hungary.

Seemed like a good idea.

Puppet from clowns in Saint Petersburg. He travels with me.

We went to Budapest, Hungary.
It was swell.

Budapest was...

As I was wandering the roads, the night I first arrived, I kept waiting to fall in love.
Every town. Every street. Every ticket purcashed is a love affair.
I waited.

Sorry Budapest, ain't feeling it.

And then, the next day, they shoved a plastic bag of water in my hands and in that moment, I grinned at that city and lost my heart all over again. Sure, I hate disposable plastic bags used to provide folks with water... but I loved a city that cared about it's people enough to make sure that everyone was hydrated.

Budapest was where you can buy Meggy Beer.
Budapest, where a blues dancing scene is starting.
Budapest, where I could sweat my guts out in a jive-attempt.
Budapest, home to "Margaret Island."
Budapest, where delicious fish soup abounds.

So hot at night that, even though it's a mixed room, you pretty much gotta just sleep in your underwear if you actually want to get any rest.

 I started to see what Peter, the engineer, meant. It really did have all you needed.

But, Budapest, this I did not like - I heard much too much English. It was peculiar. It was odd. I kept hearing strangers speak a language and I could actually understand them. It wasn't even worth understanding.

Lately, I've had the luxury of not ever being able to understand strangers. My head remains clear of the thoughts of others as I skitter about. Gossip. Declarations. Common exchanges. I miss it all in not being able to clearly understand.

Russia? Folks speaking English was rare. Ukraine? Equally so. Slovakia? Folks could speak it... but you didn't just happen across folks uttering it. Same with Romania, but less so.

And now I was in Budapest.
I kept hearing it.
Every other person seemed to speak English (exageration - it was more like one in three).

I even met someone who had once been in Haines, Alaska while walking along the water.

Budapest was a hurdy gurdy and man playing on glass water.

And they have cool men on their money.

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