Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dreams Becoming Reality With Hard Work

I'm rawther a fan of dreaming up dreams.
I've got lists of them.

Today, a six-year-old dream came true.

Since 2006 I've wanted to bike in the Netherlands.

Today? Mission accomplished with a healthy dose of "drop" (mmm, lekker). And, on Wednesday, an even longer existing dream is coming true. One that's over a decade old. I'm currently in Utrecht with my two Dutch roommates I lived with in Ukraine.

Back in 2006 I became an involved member of an international online video community. We may or may not have been making lipsynch videos. During the awkward years of high school, it was a wonderful community to have. I think by now people are willing to accept that online communities count as friends too. On this site I met Australians, Englanders, Argentenians, Italians, Germans, and then there was the Dutch. My 15 year old self started scheming ways I could make it to the Netherlands. I dreamed of riding a bik, eating drop, and, in general, just hanging out with the Dutch people.

Seven years later and I'm here.

That was one dream that didn't die. It took a couple tries to actually turn this dream into a reality, bt I'm here. Seven years might seem like a pretty longtime to wait, but it was worth it. Before, the times weren't right. I also had  owait until I had enough money to be able to enjoy it. Dreams, I find, are rarely just handed over. A lot of them you have to work towards.

When I was in Alaska, I lived really simply so I could live "extravagantly" (Magi-style which is still pretty simple) abroad. I gave up an ice-cream in Haines so that I could have krokette in Holland. I gave up a concert in Haines so that I could rent a bicycle in Romania. I gave up going home for Christmas in the States so that I could afford to cross all of Europe by train the following year.

Little sacrifices paid off in the end.
All worth it.

This country is lovely! I guess I'll write more about it later.

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