Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ferry Trumps All

Since I left Alaska, I've made hundreds of decisions in relating to getting from Point A to Point B.

I'm currently on the “Getting to Alaska from Ukraine” phase which will last 2-3 months. I know I'm only two months off, but I still consider myself on the way home. Just three countries left.

Anyway, of those hundreds of decisions I've made, one of the best ones I've made was to take the ferry from the Netherlands to England.

Generally, I'm a budget traveller, so getting myself to fork over the pounds to cross the English Channel took a few weeks to consider.

Eventually, I had built up enough reasons in my mind to buy the ticket. For ₤159 ($246), I secured a two-person cabin with a sea view for myself. I spent ₤159 when I could have very well found a cheaper route... maybe.

Here's the reasons why taking the ferry trumps any bus or train route I could conjure up:

1. Boats are sick, man! Totally geil! I love them! Even after having spent over 10 full days on ferries this year (from Alaska to Washington to Alaska and later this year I'll take the ferry from Washington to Alaska), I still crave the culture that erupts there.

2. Travelling by ferry would enable me to arrive in England fully, totally rested. I already know I can sleep well on a boat. A full 8 hours of sleep while travelling is worth paying the extra cash.

3. I'm doin' It like my ancestors. They left by ship. I arrived by ship. Makes sense. Makes me feel more connected to my past.

4. I can stretch my legs. Riding on the ferry means I can wander, stroll, explore, and stretch my legs. There is no “sitting in an assigned seat” on the ferry.

5. How many other times in my life am I going to be going from the Netherlands to England?

6. I really don't like buses. I weighed out my happiness on being on a boat verses the lameness of travelling by bus and then set that against what I was paying. Worth it.

7. I would be saving time. I would be travelling overnight but still be getting good, solid sleep. Since I would be arriving in Northern England, there wouldn't be much more travel to do after reaching the Port of Tyne.

8. I get to avoid London. I have absolutely no desire to see London. This was my way of avoiding it. Once again, worth it.

9. I'm already travelling up and down the United Kingdom, from the northern bits of Scotland to the southern belly of England, twice. Well, I'm travelling down once and up once. I don't need to do it three times in one month.

10. I just might be saving money. If I didn't do it this way, I'd have to pay for a train to Belgium, a bus to England, and a train or bus to Scotland. In there I'd want to buy food, stop some place for a night, buy postcards... it all adds up.

11. The views on a ferry are rad.

12. I love the feeling of pulling into port.

My time on the ferry exceeded all expectations. My room was plenty large. I enjoyed exploring, loved the views. I saw dolphins.

As for arriving in England? It was magnificent.

And grey.

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  1. Hey, you're in my country! I'm very happy about this, have fun : )


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