Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet Noah

This is Noah.
Oh man... he's a sweet one.

We've been spending quite a bit of time together lately.

His folks abandoned him immediately after labour. Baby popped out and then they hopped away... I don't know the circumstances.

He loves being held. He loves being upright. He loves bouncing.
And he looks like a lil' old man.

I'm not sure of his real name - no one knows. So I made one up for him. Noah seems to fit him just fine. I met him a day or two after he was born.

We're suspecting he might be blind... not sure yet. I know it looks like he's looking at the camera there in that picture. Maybe he is. I won't write him off by saying he can't. But his eyes really don't track. I hope it's a baby thing. You can flick your fingers wildly in his face, right at his eyes, and he won't blink or move 'em at all.

He also has one funky ear. It's like he's got two ear holes in one ear and one covers up the other. The one sort of covered is the hole that goes into your head.

Noah is also a mighty fine waltzer!

I realized, after a few days of snuggling, that he had likely never heard music outside of the womb before. I grabbed my speakers and cued up my iPod. His first song? Daybreak by Elixir, one of my favourite contra dance bands. We danced into a lazy lull and I grinned as his eyes half closed.

Love this guy.
Love you, Noah.

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