Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Farewell Scotland :: Aeroplane Encore

Five months later, it's time to board an aeroplane.

Five months, eh?

Now that doesn't seem like all too much.
Not that things have to always be qualitative.

Five months was what I needed to explore what I decided to explore on this side of the world without going bankrupt and still feeling semi-fresh (which is not a reflection on the state of my socks at the moment). The entire point of this trip was to get to Ukraine and back. I just may have gotten a little sidetracked along the way and took my time getting from Point A to Point J.

From the United States to Russia to Norway to Russia to Ukraine to Slovakia to Ukraine to Romania to Ukraine to Hungary to Ukraine to Romania to Serbia to Romania to Hungary to Austria to Germany to Austria to Liechtenstein to Switzerland to Germany to the Netherlands to England to Scotland to England to Scotland...

Today at 2:05 PM I'll board a flight from Glasgow, Scotland to Reykjavik, Iceland. Up until now, I've been avoiding flights as much as possible. I've traversed Eur-Asia by train, bus, foot, hovercraft, car, tram, bicycle, kayak, canoe, subway, and Volkswagen but haven't landed myself one of those sweet $30 for a flight-from-Paris-to-London deals.

The idea of prematurely boarding a plane felt like cheating.

To go from one side of the continent to another without actually seeing it pass by window felt unacceptable.

I'm really grateful for this time. I'm grateful for all the people that have been hosting me and for each human I've met along the way.

Day after day, I was shown love by strangers who treated me like a close friend.

In turn, I tried to show love to the people I met.

I'm rather convinced that this world is just full of good people and that for all those “bad people” to be who they are, some perverse ideology must have been somehow fed to them at a young age or they were perhaps wronged. Maybe just a small chemical imbalance?


I boarded the aeroplane.
Was not expecting it at all.. but I cried. Apparently it was a moving experience.

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