Monday, October 14, 2013

Got to Get You Into My Life

Short 10 day visits to Seattle gives me the slightest amount of time to work with in order to reconnect with faces, feel settled for a bit, be around family, and have down time at home on my ownsome.

This past week, I've only seen a small handful of friends, including the likes of Natasha, Sarah, and Carole. All three of these girls have one thing in common - I've been friends with them since I was a super-short-kid. All of them I've known since around first grade and am grateful to have them in my life over a decade and a half later.

It's crazy watching them turn into contributing members of society in the sector of contribution that entails having a job (I know you can contribute sans job).

I just saw Carole yesterday and have known her since... since... since forever. I've known her for as long as it's possible to know someone - since we were wee babes. And, somehow, this spunky resplendent vibrant human of zeal is still in my life and continues to know me better than just about anyone. She can read my mood like a book and knows how to make me laugh. With Carole, I can be 100%-unapologetically-Margaret like with no one else. I've never felt so much more accepted by a human in my entire life than when I've spent time with Carole.

These past years have thrown both of us a few curve-balls (she's got some vicious ones I'd rather weren't thrown at her) and I often second-guess my not-being-in-Seattle-ness just so I could be there for her in Seattle. I'm not the greatest long-distance friend.

During our time together, we pulled on our boots and set out into the depths of Kenmore, hitting up our favourite park (at least it used to be) and then down the road to St. Vinny's and further along Bothell Way where we ended our evening at Tai Ho before heading back to my house.

I love this human.

This lady, here, is Natasha. I've known Natasha for years from church but hadn't seen in in around 12 years, it's estimated. It's not that we've been that far apart, we just haven't seen each other. My family changed churches and she was far enough that I couldn't just swing by. Then came high school and I was awkward and she was going through your typical and definitely-not-typical life transitions of a teenager.

Then, back in May, she wrote something on my wall along the pages of, "When you get back, do you have time for a childhood best friend?" and that hit me. I'd been wanting to reconnect with her for years. It was in May 2008 that we became Facebook friends, so it would've been when we were both 17 & 16 that we were friends. At that point, I was mega-nerd (livin' it up!) and she was a cheerleader.

Our first interaction, that I see is when I wrote, "I just checked out your vids on YouTube + the pics... Natasha, I haven't seen you in *checks watch* ages, but you're still as brilliant as ever. I was just checking out some Cedar Springs pics, those were some pretty interesting times. Hope life is going grand for you." I didn't get a reply back. I thought she was pretty darn cool and failed to express my desire to see her.

So, when she initialized a reunion, I jumped right on that boat.

See, folks. If you want to see someone, you ought to just ask them! I waited and missed a lot. Or maybe the timing of coming back into each other's lives around now was perfect.

The reunion at Elliot Bay Books Co. was sweet. From there we traversed to Black Coffee, to Annapurna for Nepalese food, and then I got to go to her house to meet her boyfriend.

We got along just how 8-year-old us would've desired for us to connect. If you had gone to little Margaret and asked her if she saw Natasha in her future life, I would've expressed a strong hope that it would continue as such. If I told her this story, she would've loved it.

A lot had happened in these past 12 years and we filled in the gaps left by Facebook. Ultimately, I am really impressed by the human she has become. I'm excited to see her again next time I come to Seattle.

So glad to have her in my life again.

Sarah! My travelling rock.

Dang, that didn't sound how I wanted it to.

Of all of these folks, Sarah and I have spent the most time together. My summers and days after school were spent with her. We had lots of classes together, growing up. We would ride the bus home and eventually, she would drive us back and forth.

Sarah is the friend where, a lot of times, I just wonder, "How does a wonderful person like that end up with a friend like me?"

She's got incredible work ethic and ambition that I can't help but be in awe of. She tells me of what's she's been studying or accomplishing and I sort of nod and take it all in. Maybe we make a pretty good duo?

Currently, Sarah's applying for med-school. She also just got back from time in Guatemala, Switzerland, and Germany.

Something I wish for us is that if I could have her in my regular life again, move beyond catching up. But, that's my fault that that isn't happening.

She's as thoughtful as ever and I adore her. She makes me smile.

Ah yes! So they all have jobs. All three live on their own. All three have steady rock-solid boyfriends whom they've had for more than a year. On this trip I got to meet all of the dudes, they were rad.

Grateful for the humans who stick around and are a part of my life and have loved me all of these years.

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