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My First Blog Posts I Ever Wrote - Age 14

I just found the first blog posts I ever wrote.
This was back in 2004. I would've been 14 - almost a decade ago.

Ready for this? It's solid gold!

Not really.

Photos of a 14 year old me have also been added.


This is quite unlclear on what I should be doing on a Blog. What IS a blog.

I have. No idea.

Oh, here's what I put on Jessie's card:
Miss Maiden Jessica, Happy Happy Happy… VERY Happy Birthday to you. For your birthday present, we have donated $16 in your name to Pastor Louis in the Dominican Republic.

-Maggie Ruler of all Roosters

PS: You are a special person and that’s good cause if you weren’t special then we would all cry and you wouldn’t be to happy cause we wouldn’t be, but this doesn’t really matter now does it? Actually it does. Our feelings (and yours) are quite important thus… why don’t we all eat some crackers and jalapeno spread. You know what? I don’t like to eat fish that much. They kinda gross me out. And pencil shavings don’t taste good either. I know lots of people though who strangely like to eat them. Odd huh? Actually I don’t but that sounded very odd. Not that I’m not odd. I am quite sane.
Wasn't that fun? Good.

Posted 13th November 2004 by Mägi

My next post tackled the question:

Your people want to make a statue in your honour. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

"This statue will be me holding a rooster and it would say: "To those who trust in the rooster, have found a friend. Roosters are cool." It will honour the roosters that have died for us to have a meal... or is that chickens. I often get confused about what I am eating. Do you? Sad huh? Well anyways. It would be made of stainless steel and would be in the new Seattle Public Library cause I love that place."

I overused the term "special" a bounty back in 2004.

A Poem that is Special!!!

"I have some ADHD
I got it from coffee and tea
I like to jump up and down
And take the bus to town
Cheesey poems make me happy
I hate adults when they're sappy
How can you read this much more?
I would assume it would be total bore.
Roosters are cool
I wish we still had a pool
Cause then I could go swimming in it and be all happy cause I would be in the water except for it's cold outside and I would get all sick and DIE
Hope someday I can fly
Over the buildings till spalt
The monerail hit me... now I'm flat.
I live in Seattle with rain
But they say no pain no gain.
This is really quite entertain(ing)
And your intrest you are not feigning
Wow am I great or what?
But I jolt when my bike hits a rut.
Why doesn't the president come see me?
It would fill me with such glee.
No honestly.
Yes this is the end.
I hope you have not been offend(ded)."
Rooters are Not Made of Cheese! 

"I guess I should explain to you why I am the Rooster Ruler. That is because I rule the Roosters. The roosters like it when I rule them because they are stupid. Actualy,they are very smart to want that. Because I give the rights like the right to dip their feet in rubber on Thursdays. I decided that I would give them some triple bunk beds. Those are really high except everyone just shares the bottom bunks because they can't get to the top. There are no hens. So this population of Roosterville is dieing out very slowly. Now if I got a dog. I bet that they would all die and I would be foreever unhappy. That makes sense right? Okay, so I also have a cool thing called a Roosterpainter. It's kinda like a car detailing thing except they paint the roosters. It's with a special kind of paint made of peppermint extract and colorful stuff like Blue 3. You know, those weird color names on food lables. It's completely harmless, well as harmless as getting your hairdyed.

We only have 10 colors:
and White.

Pretty spiffy eh? The roosters have their own little resturant called Soufle Cafe. I consider that a pretty cheesey name. But it has no meat in it. That is the one thing. If they ate meat then that would kinda be like canabilism which is bad. They have lots of tea like peppermint tea. They like minty things, which leads me to their main occupation. Candy cane stripe painting. Yes, that is true. All day, they churn out candy canes and paint the stripes. That's why they're so fat. Because they eat alot of candy. Wanna move here? "

Posted 30th November 2004 by Mägi

I really like hand sanitizer.

Hand Sanititzer is awesome. It makes you all clean so you don't keel over and DIE!!! Yep. What it does is kill the icky blicky germs on my hands. The secret is Tocopheryl Acetate. I like the tiny .5 fl oz. They fit in me pockets. 
Acid is bad 
I chill at my pad 
Of cheese and stuff 
I don't like stiff cuff(s) 
And cheese that is tough 
And oddly enough 
I don't want Dad to die 
Cause then I would want to fly 
Over into a cheese factory 
With cheese satifactory 
I would die it all green 
That would make me a mean teen on the scene. 
Watch your spleen. 
I like speakers 
And mixing plutonium in beakers 
And police would be seekers 
For me. 
I like candy canes 
The red looks like veins 
Which don't taste to good 
Bad people have hoods 
But my car does too 
I like tieing my shoe. 
The End 

And here's one from 2005

Ooh... I can tell you are just dieing to know what happened today. Whoa.. I don't feel like telling but I guess I will:

Petersen/SS = Umm... we learned about NASCAR and how to "cheat" or bend the rules.

Petersen/English = More NASCAR... but it all came back down to the contracts used... and those have to do with the constitution you know?

Orchestra = "Watched" a movie. Okay, so not really... but someone made it smell funny... so then I moved to the other side of the room. I got some Orch. pics from Serena... yay! That means I can complete the Symphonic Orchestra yearbook page!

Science = That was weird. Instead of going to PE first, we had an assembly schedule. We watched a totaly awesome movie about Natural Disasters... and there was a evil bunny in every shot... mwa ha ha ha... yah.

PE = Extremely boring. I just did some extra stuff to study later on for a History test. Can't say I understand the Constitution yet.

Math = Whoa.. that's a loud class. Well, it was cool cause I got to finally talk to people. At first, they just thought I was a Russian cheese... foreign.

Assembly = I learned that I need some goals... okay. Yep. Goals are important so I won't do drugs? I kinda got lost but the speaker was neat. I picked at my warts though and made one bleed... oops. Lots of pressure stopped it all... yay! Ooh... we got coupons for free Jamba Juices afterwards. I'm gonna get mine with Sarah in Woodinville. Just take bus 522...

Maia = She was so cute today... has her second tooth coming in. She can say "up" but I doubt she understands the true concept and meaning of it.

No what's cool? Well, maybe it's not. I know lots of stuff people don't know I know but I do know cause I listen. No, not eavesdrop. Just listen. I don't try to be sneaky but it's kinda hard to block it all out. Then I sort it out in my file cabnitic brain. Then I put pieces together and find out... it was Serena's Birthday today. Ya. I bet ya'll aren't even reading this... Yay. I have this one set of socks that all look the same cause they are. Well, they all are getting holes all of a sudden. Not spaced out, just all of them. It's getting on my nerves a bit.

I gotta learn about my writes. Won posted my story on her Xanga thing... but I can't sue. At least it was a spiffy story.

I went to Olympia (a couple days ago)... it was so cool. The tour itself was okay... but the architecture was amazing. Big domes like a cathedral... right in WA. Lots of marble... marble floors, ceiling, wall, waterfountains, stairs, chairs, and some other stuff. I got the business card of Christene Gregore. I wish she wasn't the Gov. but still, it's my first "famous person" business card. Unless you count the Spirit 105.3 peoples. Then I have alot. We got kazoos and I think I shall sue once again. They got really annoying. Especialy when they drip spit that forms from the water vapor of your breath. Yuck. That just got gross sometimes.

Be happy...

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