Saturday, November 16, 2013

2013 Trip by the Numbers

Isle of Skye, Scotland
I like to keep numbers as I travel. These are the numbers I collected on my little 2013 solo trip.

The numbers represent the time period of when I left Haines, Alaska to when I came back. They might not be exact to the very number- but all data is pretty super close.

The Days

40 :: Number of weeks spent travelling.
280 :: Number of days travelling

Departed on January 14th and arrived back in Alaska on the 21st of October.

This was 77% of a year.

Day of the week most frequently traveled on:
Monday - 12
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday - 11
Thursday - 10
Tuesday - 8
Saturday - 6

Utrecht, Netherlands
The Miles

Number of miles traveled - 27,756 miles
This is 9.7 times the distances from Seattle to New York and more than the circumference of our planet.

Top months for miles covered:
- April - 6,443 miles (included New York, Rochester, Toronto, Moscow, and Vologda)
- October - 5,443 miles (included Reykjavik, Seattle, and Haines)
- March - 3,940 miles (22 states + 2 provinces)

I consider a day to be a travel day when the day centers around getting from Point A to Point B (usually well over 3 hours, sometimes a full 24 hours)

70 days were considered "travel days"

In May, 12 days were considered travel days

Kirkenes, Norway
The Transportation

I used these methods of transportation in these countries:

Trains - Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, England, United States, Canada

Busses - United States, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Canada, England, Scotland, Iceland

Bikes - United States, Romania, Ukraine, Norway, Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland

Boats/Hovercraft/Canoe/Kayak - Russia, United States, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, England, Scotland

Timișoara, Romania
The Countries

17 :: Number of countries visited
38 :: Number of times borders were crossed

Crossed a border on average every 7.3 days
Spent, on average, 16 days in each country

Longest time spent in a country outside of the US - Ukraine (72 days), United Kingdom (40), Russia (30)
Shortest time spent in one country - less than an hour in Liechtenstein
Most consecutive days in one country - 40 days in Ukraine

The Sleeping Spaces

103 :: Number of beds/couches slept in
121 :: Number of times changed beds/couches

43% of nights were spent in a new bed/couch
I changed beds every 2.3 nights

15% of beds were found through CouchSurfing

22 :: Number of couches slept on
7 :: Number of floors slept on
21% of the places I slept on were couches

14% of beds/couches were shared with another human

14+ beds were in/on cars, buses, trains, and boats

March :: Month with the most bed changes - 21 changes in 31 days

Most consecutive nights spent in one bed - 14 nights in Room 17 at the Nehemiah Center in Ukraine

Most consecutive nights in which every night was spent in a different bed - 9 nights (March 24 - April 1)
This would be 16 nights but I spent two nights in a row on the same couch in Georgetown.

How did I keep track?

This is the agenda. I kept notes all year round.

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