Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Captured by a Street Photographer

Sometimes it's amusing to Google oneself (we all do it, right?).

Today I did the search, "Mägi Hubert"

And I found this photograph:

Upon seeing this picture, I was completely perplexed. I didn't remember this location at all. I don't remember this moment. I do remember busking quite a bit in Uzhgorod, Ukraine this summer in that dress. But I don't remember being surrounded by lovely flowers.

The photo comes from here. I can tell it's "MP", but don't know exactly who that is that took the picture - some sort of street photographer. Nor can I figure out how to write to them unless I sign up for VK. My friend Darya had spotted me on the webiste and told the person I was "Мэгги" and directed them towards me. This is the first time I've seen this photograph.

Oi. Busking in Ukraine.
That made me smile a lot.

It was fun to play to a live, responding audience that was ever-changing. Sweet fiddle, too.

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