Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Midnight Footie-PJ Bike Ride for Headache Relief

It was reaching 12:30 AM and I hadn't slumbered an ounce yet. Two hours had past since I had settled into my giant, plushy bed and all that had happened was that my six or seven hour old headache had intensified.

After rolling over for the thirty-eighth time, I decided it was time for action. I had already rubbed peppermint oil on my temples (no luck) and knew my shelves were vacant of any sort of pain relievers beyond antihistamines.

I shoved on some slippers over my footie pajamas, thew on my wool coat and a hat, and hopped my bike and started riding through the below-freezing weather, through town. I scowled at the cool breeze that taunted my throbbing temples, still slick with peppermint oil.

The entrance of the only compartment complex in town was a welcoming site. I lay my bike in the grass an trombled up to the top floor, grateful for fuzzy slippers to mask the sound of lazy legs. A quick knock and I was welcomed into the home of Nyk, Dani, and Pearl.

This family was one of the top reasons why I came back to Haines and Pearl's arrival into the world was certainly the trigger that empowered my fingers to buy my plane tickets from Glasgow, Scotland to Reykjavik, Iceland to Seattle, Washington and then a ferry ticket from Washington to Alaska.

This is where I go whenever I get up in my head.
This is where I go when I just have a craving to be around folks.
This is where I go when I want to chill and be around rad friends that I have found full acceptance with.

And this is where I went when I couldn't sleep off the pounding in my head.

See, not only are they amicable company, Nyk's a pharmacy technician. All I needed to do was stick out my hand and he filled them with the appropriate pills. Dani handed me Pearl.

Pearl was the distraction I needed as the meds kicked in.
Her grins and old-man expressions were welcome as relief came. She's such a sweet kid. I love the way she'll nestle into your arms, making you feel like you're holding love itself.

Pretty soon, within the next thirty minutes, I felt like a human again and was set to bike home, fall back into my quilted bed, and drift into a cozy slumber.

I love this town.

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  1. How interesting! I've never heard this before, but it sounds like it works. At least for you anyway, which is great! I do get headaches occasionally, but thankfully I don't get them too often. But I will remember this for next time I feel one coming on.


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