Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poached Eggs

Thoughts feel like my first and only attempts at poached eggs.

I first made poached eggs for Ellen.
They never became poached eggs.
So, perhaps I've never made poached eggs.

But I remember, with frustration, chasing down egg whites that had solidified....

Which (oh man, this is going to be an awful analogy) is like these thoughts I have. First, it takes something for them to emerge into my mind. It takes hard times, boiling water, and moments of clarity for them to solidify and turn from goo to something I can see.

But then, once I have these present thoughts, I can't do anything with them yet. Some of them,sure, I can easily manipulate, just like the cynchy yolk. But with others, it's just not going to work. I chase after them, trying to wrangle them up, but they're content to swirl about in the hot water on their own terms for a while longer.

If I take the time to get these thoughts out, they're underdeveloped and useless, like soggy poached egg whites that are all stringy and wet.

I don't know.
Is it worth thinking about or could I go back to the routine. I can do that. I can go through the motions.

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