Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hoh Hoh Hoh Rain Forest

Washington State has a few legendary locations which just about every native has hit up at some point in their life. One of those is the Hoh Rain Forest. The Hoh Rain Forest is over on the Olympic Penninsula which is sort of like the Neverland of Washington state. No matter how many times you wander there, you still get hit with wonder and delight that has a similar effect as to when someone says, "Hey, you can stick your hand in that giant box of gooey stuff," and you do.

The other day, Alex, Eric, and I headed over there. I've known Eric since Kindergarten and met Alex in junior high - although I didn't really know him until post-high school. Honestly, if you'd told Sophomore Mägi, "These will be some of the few folks from high school you'll actual still have in your life some 4-5 years after you graduate," I would've smirked... I take that back. I can't smirk. I would've just laughed and said, "Umm.. ok. That's snazzy." I was really into the word snazzy back then.

It was at 5 AM that they picked me up at my house in North Seattle. From there, it was still a five hour journey to the trail head. We made our way to Edmonds where we caught the ferry (the view ain't so great when all you see is darkness and fog, but still feels swell) to Kingston and drove on and on and on.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the day were the low-power radio stations we listened to for most of the way. They played eclectic mixes that were reminiscent of when I'd let a small child DJ with my iTunes library and they had no idea what they were playing so you'd get... actually, that sounds like when I choose the playlist. Anyways, we were fed songs like Evergreen with Barbara Streisand and Down at Papa Joe's by the Dixiebelles. I kept tabs of the music heard and later went on to buy all the songs on iTunes so I can listen to them over and over again (which I do).

Once the fog cleared and the sun came up, we were able to take in the majesty that surrounded us. There is no place on earth like Cascadia (SE Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon - depending on who you talk with). There's something in the colouring that isn't duplicated elsewhere. Each time I travel around and come home, I frequently wonder why I left. The beauty I desire is right here.

At the trailhead, I geared up for the pouring rain that was ready to welcome us in a typical Washington-way. I decided to go for Xtratuf boots (rainboots) over hiking boots, rain pants, rain coat, and gloves. This set-up kept me warm and dry for the entire hike.

The hike we were doing was pretty simple - which was good. Since my funky-ankle-re-twist, I'm still learning what it's capable of as I work towards restrengthening the muscles around it. We were doing a 10 mile hike with little elevation changes as we stayed pretty close to a river.

Describing the sights almost seems pointless when I can just flash a few photographs on here. Everything was rich and alive, vibrant and delicious. I can't do it justice.

Most of the hike, the world dripped down on us, slipping down from the overgrown moss the poured off of the branches. It was serene. It was peaceful. Damp and recharged.

If they had an engagement photograph, this could be it.
And then we had food. I ate two tacos.
And then Monica had a birthday party.

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