Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tucker and the Cacti

10 months ago I visited Tucker in Washington D.C.
He took me to see some cacti.

He is now in Washington.
I took him to see some cacti.

I love pictures of Tucker with cacti.

Tucker's an interesting brick in my life. Brick.
I meant that kindly.
I meant to imply that he's one of those steady figures whose woven their way into my life.

West Coast. East Coast.
Left Coast. Best Coast.

Back on the East coast, Tucker was gave me a fine tour of parts of his school, Georgetown University. Pretty fine school. Nice school.

Now, I got to give him a tour of my college - Shoreline Community College!
I love that school. I genuinely do. I'm grateful for the education I received there.

One of the finest parts of the campus is back behind the dog park, there's a fine view of Puget Sound and the Olympics.

I have thoughts to say but I'm currently kinda sort of drugged up after minor mouth surgery and the words are there. They have to do with him doing things and I do things and then we talk and eat pho.

View from my college, yo.

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