Friday, February 7, 2014

Camp Hannah on Lopez Island :: 2014

Those 10 hours of travel to Lopez Island, Washington, weren't just for the joys and kicks of swirling about on a gimondo rock in the middle of the water. Waiting for me on the other side was my dear friend Hannah.

I met Hannah on September 16, 2011 in British Columbia at the Chehalis Contra Dance Camp. Our friendship was rooted in a love of Christ and dance and, some nearly-three years later, we're still friends. I admire how loving and caring she is, her creativity and drive to create, and her soft, soft heart. She also makes me laugh and smile.

I arrived at Lopez about two hours early. I had originally told her that I'd be there by 6 PM but it was 4 PM and I was already there. Since I didn't want to risk missing paths, I decided to stay put and read my book in the waiting room of the ferry terminal. Within a minute, in came John, Hannah's father. By lovely way of things working out, he was there at the same time and was able to take me into town and then south to their home.

Being reunited with Hannah was a sweet reunion - are there ever sour reunions?

And so, Camp Hannah was commenced. Welcome to Camp Hannah 2014!

Hannah is like homemaker extrordinare and she passed on some of these skills to me over the next few days.

Task one was making cheese. We made cheese. We cooked and swirled and cut curds and, voila, squeak cheese curds.

Part of Camp Hannah also involved snuggling her lovely bunny, Mr. Henry Tilney. According to Hannah, he is a sophisticated bunny. She teaches him wisdom and not to be foolish. Their interactions warm my heart and leave me in stomach-ache-inducing laughter.

He's one of those bunny's that has hair you make stuff out of. Hannah made me some boot liners that are super soft. Angora rabbit wool is also warmer and lighter than sheep wool.

We made garbanzo whole wheat bread too. I liked it with beans for breakfast. It was enough to fuel our meanderings about the island.

One day, mid-wander, a woman dressed as a jester asked us to sing her video. So we did.

We also wrote letters at the library.

One day, Hannah dressed up like me. I think she can definitely pull it off.

One of my favourite places on the island was Shark Reef where we sang at the seals and they considered coming our way.

Overall, in complete totality, it was a solid time of growing closer to Hannah and getting to know myself better. It's also encouraging to have a Christian friend who I can talk about things with. Thanks, Hannah, for this week. I love you!

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  1. Nice to see you posting again, Lopez Island looks lovely.


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