Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Alex :: I Can Drive

Alex helped me buy Tobbit, fix Tobbit, and learn to drive Tobbit. Now I want to tell him everything that has to do with driving Tobbit.

Dear Alex,

Today I got my driver's license and then... I used it.
On the road.
By myself.
And the road had other cars on it with people driving them.

First I had to drive down to the "main road." It was pouring rain and pretty miserable weather - awful weather for a first drive. The last car I had driven was automatic so I did that thing called "shifting without putting in the clutch" and Tobbit hated that. I felt awful. By the time I got to the place, I wasn't feeling so chill.

I was just dropping off Tobbit to get his wheels aligned just as you suggested. It was a good move. They gave me the numbers and angles that the wheels had been off by. I decided that I love Les Schwab. They give me free popcorn. If I had known that earlier, I would've hung out there more often. Maybe someday I can someday have a place where people can come and eat free popcorn.

The drive home was where things got interesting.

Really, I was just 1.4 miles from home. I just had to take a few turns and I would've been home.

But then.. well... I didn't like certain roads and wanted to avoid certain places... it became 3.9 miles. Were this not the internet, I would put up a map. I did realize how ridiculous it was until I put my car in park. It's like running around the house three times to get into the back door when you started off on the front steps.

It was a good experience, though. I felt pretty calm as I was driving and things went well. I got to start and stop on hills and make sharp turns while shifting. I'm not cocky. I'm not the best driver. But I'm hopefully on my way to becoming a calm, responsible, safe driver who makes good choices on the road. I don't plan on being a regular car commuter (I don't like them!), but I want to be able to drive without fear.

I got my license today.
Tomorrow, I drive for four hours to British Columbia.
We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for all the time you've invested to getting me on the road,


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