Saturday, February 15, 2014

Helena und Maggie Besuchen Finland

Lately I've been scanning in all of my old documents, creations, letters, notes, and scraps of rubbish that 12-year-old me thought I might want to hold on to (Kellog's Frosted Flake's lid anyone?). Here's a comic that I made with Helena back in Switzerland some 6-7 years ago.

Helena and Maggie visit Finland.

We need sunglasses because the sun never sets.

We buy new clothes because we forgot ours at home. Oh snap!
"Schildkroetenfrauenlauf" translates to turtle-women-run.

Drinking Rivella on the train.... there is absolutely no Rivella in Finalnd.
What's wrong?

The rail breaks. Now, everything is dead. Oh no.
Now, Finland has many ghosts in heaven. Hoorah!

"Is there still place in heaven?"
"Yes. Welcome. I love cats and babies...."


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