Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dear Alex :: Bowen Update

Dear Alex,

Tobbit has been doing great getting me around the island. I've gotten used to carting around a shack-full of folks in the pouring rain around winding corners in the dark and am grateful to actually get some use out of Tobbit after a year of him sitting around.

I never knew that driving could make certain things so much easier - for example, after church, being able to run home and then run to a trail head quickly instead of waiting around for others. One of my objectives in driving was to use the automobile to get to more trail heads so I could go hiking more. I've driven Tobbit twice to the base of Mount Gardner for a couple hour hike up and down the hill (Gardner is 2,360' compared to Mount Si at 4,170').

The night he got here was the last time he drove for a little bit. I got a battery tender, as you suggested, and plugged Tobbit. The next day, though, even with the charged battery, he wouldn't run. Then I saw the fuel light came on. I checked and, sure enough, he was low on oil. I poured some in, waited a second, and he started fine. I'm now out of oil and am going to try and pick some up my next time in town.

I'm thinking about repainting the cab next Thursday because it's all still leaking. I talked to a painter and he said a gallon should do it. I just need to scuff up the current paint job (he said I didn't need to sand it off, just brush it a bit so the paint will stick) and give it two coats. I'll do whatever it takes to make Tobbit water tight. I still don't get why he's leaking. I thought I had covered all the cracks. I've been thinking about what colour to paint the cab and will 98% most likely stick with a cream-white. I feel like just about anything else would look ridiculous (as much as I would like a lime green cab). I have to check to with Clark and Julia to see if I can park him in the barn overnight if it's raining.

There's a few more things I want to get done with Tobbit.
- Speedometer (doesn't work after around 55 mph)
- Door lock (driver door lock can't be worked from outside)
- Horn (only works when I don't need it)
- Light switch for dashboard/interior (doesn't work - couldn't get it to turn off today
- Repaint the Shack (it leaks... it really leaks...)
- Finish sanding the paint off of the chimney
- Voltage regulator

Hopefully that's it for now.

Bowen is covered in hills which is good for me as I practice my shifting. The hard part about the island is that the speed limit for the entire island is 40 kph which is around 25 mph.

Eager to see you soon and hope you are well!

Your friend since 1997,


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  1. Dear Magi:

    I am glad we get to be awesome roomies. I would give your blog all of the gold starz in the sky if I could.



    P.S. Sorry I'm too lazy to find those dot thingies that go over your name.


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