Monday, March 10, 2014

Drawing Night at Doc Morgan's Pub

On Saturday night, charcoal and pencils were packed up and folks of the Canadian L'Abri community headed down to Doc Morgan's Pub, down in the Cove. Drinks were ordered and we settled in for an amusing activity. Once the paper was distributed, we all picked on person to draw and spent the next 10 or so minutes drawing them.

The results ranged from splendid and skilled to humorous. Above are a few of our results. Liz, my roommate, never ceases to amaze us with her art skillz. She did the picture in the lower right hand corner as well as the one below.

Liz, Tim, and I dressed up in ties, vests, and an optional tweedish hat. I think we make a pretty dapper crew.

In the end, all I had to drink was a glass of orange juice with a stick of celery and a sip of beer. It was my first chance at being a designated driver - something I had dreamed of doing for some years. It turns out that it's not as fun as I thought it would be, but still enjoyable.

Pretty early in the night (a little after 10) I decided it was time to head home. We had two vehicles so I took home all the early-to-bedders. I was surprised to see Tobbit packed full of everyone except for two students and Clark who were going to stay out a bit longer, walking their way up to another pub. It was nice not to be on the only one who felt ready to go to bed before 11 PM.

We drove Tobbit home in the pouring rain and the dark which still is kinda freaky. I tried to take a picture of folks in Tobbit and the photographs turned out like this....

This is not one of the best documentations I have on file.

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