Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edith Schaeffer Memorial Garden

I have a wonderful roommate.

I was chilling in Tobbit on a Sunday afternoon when I saw her open the doors of L'Abri, pull on her gum boots, and then head out into the woods. A few tens of minutes later, she reemerged with this creation.

Out of some moss, sticks, huckleberry branches, stems, leaves, and twigs, she had constructed a mini-scene that was dubbed the Edith Schaeffer Memorial Garden. Edith Schaeffer was the original woman and co-founder of L'Abri. She was into beauty and thought that we should surround ourselves with it (I think...). Edith is the reason why we put all of the peanut butter, jam, honey, yoghurt, and other food-items into small serving dishes each time we put them on the table. She's the reason why I can see 14 vases and pots of flowers and foliage when I stand in this one certain spot in the house.

The name of the creator and roomate is Liz. She's one of those wonders.
She is from Victoria, BC.

When I crawl into bed hating the world (sorry world...), her company is still welcome. We curl up on our beds and question what is and blubber out frustrations. We bounce ideas back and forth.

I'm really grateful for Liz.
She's cool.

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