Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fried Chicken, Waffles, and Murder

On Sunday, we had our first tea of the term that was hosted by the helpers. The helpers are folks in the community who have been to L'Abri before and come for a few months to take on a few extra responsibilities to keep thing running smoothly. That's what I'm up to, right now.

Sundays mean evening high tea. High tea is a special dinner with an activity to accompany it.

This Sunday, Tim and Matt, both from the South (I fully consider Texas to be "in the South") and made us all fried chicken and waffles.

Oh my goodness.

After our fingers were good and greasy and our stomachs full, it was time for the high tea activity.

Click by click, all the lights at L'Abri turned off. With no street lights to light up our windows, our 21ish room home became the perfect setting to hide and stumble around in the dark.

It was time to play Murder.

Our safe refuge soon turned into perpetual darkness that one could only navigate with the tapping of fingers and shuffling of feet that was eventually given up to crawl around.

The basic game operates like this - cards are pulled from a deck, one for each player. All are numbers except for one card which is a King (or anything that's not a number). Each player draws a card. Those who get numbers will be villagers for the round and whoever gets the King is the murderer. The lights go out and we wander the house. If the murderer seeks to kill folks - this is done by them whispering "bang." If the murderer whispers "bang" to you, you fall down quietly. They can also choose to "stow you" somewhere and you have to quietly follow them wherever they want you to go. If someone discovers a body (you can ask "are you dead" and the dead are allowed to answer "yes"), they yell "murder!" and the lights come on. Then, everyone gathers - dead bodies in one section - and discusses who they think the murder is. Dead folks can only say one thing - where they were when the lights came on. Besides that, they're useless. All the living vote on who they think the murderer is and put the most suspected human to death. Then, we find out if they truly were the murder or not. If the murderer was not successfully found, the lights go out and we continue to play until "murder" is shouted again.


Throughout the game, Clark played some music that can most simply be described as "weird." It was given to him by a past student and involves... I don't really know what to say. At one point, a midst the driving beat, you hear a toilet flushing. It's that sort of music.

For the first round, I booked it for the basement. I soon learned that that was the perfect place to go if you didn't want anything to happen. I would like to emphasize that all of this was done in the pitch-black dark. I looked forward and saw nothing and behind me was nothing as well. I crawled down the hallway into a corner where I knew I wouldn't be found and waited.
and waited.
and heard screams and thumps.
But nothing happened.

Eventually, I crawled my way back up to where the music got louder and everything felt different. I slipped forward and went immediately on top of the kitchen counter. From there, I could climb up on top of a beam that was a few feet below the high ceiling. As I was climbing, someone kept grabbing my legs. I later learned that that was the murderer (Liz) who kept whispering "bang" to me - but I never heard her. I think I was too focused on getting up high. I covered my face up and waited. After a few minutes, "MURDER!" was shouted and the lights came on. Everyone came to the kitchen where I was discovered, still crouching up on my beam.

Apparently, I seemed really suspicious so they all voted for me and I got killed. "Were you the murderer?" I was asked after already dead. "No!" I said. They had killed the wrong person. I was innocent.

In another round I was the murderer. I won't go into details, but basically, it was a huge adrenaline rush (my teeth kept chattering) and I was immediately found out.

Later on in the game, something happened that sort of triggered a bunch of thoughts in me that weren't my favourite. I have it all written out but won't go writing it out here but may post it when term is over.

I was amused crawling around our 21ish room home. Maneuvering in absolute darkness with someone tried to kill you certainly brought a side to everyone I wasn't all too familiar with.

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  1. We like playing that game at camp (with lots of space and plenty of darkness), it's grand!


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