Monday, March 10, 2014

Mt. Gardner with Jessamy

On Sunday afternoon, Jessamy and I made an attempt at climbing Mt. Gardner.

After church, we quickly slipped away, threw on suitable clothes, and headed for the trail head. The walk was, for me, a much needed time of getting out into the woods, getting my blood pumping a bit more ferociously, and spending one on one time with the delightful Jessamy.

Jessamy is a resplendent (thank you for that word, Daniel) Aussie lass who, despite having come on Tuesday, feels like she's always been in my life. The only thing left to do was actually get to know her - or at least start to get to know her. She has a laugh that brings you in and she smiles, in conversation, at the points when you sort of always hope someone will smile. She's got an engaging past and is a fellow sufferer, I believe, of wanderlust.

As we hiked up, her Tom Waits voice impersonations kept coming out and soon we were asking him for guidance along the path. We got winning-at-life points for not being dudes as we made our way up the trail. Much of the train was a creek that we maneuvered around by straddling or hoping over from side to side. On the way up, one couple asked, "Is that your Volkswagen?" Indeed.

We didn't make it to the open summit, but we did make it to the top, I'm pretty sure, based on the elevation map. We could make it to the clearing because at the very top, it got super slick and icy and wouldn't have been a smart move for us to attempt. Back at home, it was amusing to glimpse back at Mount Gardner and think, "We just climbed to the top of that!"

I hope to hike up again on Thursday or sometime soon when the snow will hopefully be melted.

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